Welcome to the download page for the Optimist AI.  Please read this brief introduction to make the most of your installation.  Firstly, this setup file can perform side by side installations with any other Optimist version One.  We want you to keep the Apps & Features instances to eventually imply a five star experience for all Optimist users.  For best results, select 'Typical' in the installation dialog.  If you do have a previous installation, your user files will also be automatically migrated to this new version, otherwise there is a standard 14 day trial period, however 14 days of fun with this app is recommended.  If you are still in doubt about this offer, we suggest reading up on the reference material first.

Optimist Overview (for windows desktop)

system requirements : 110 mb of hard disk space, windows compatible, optional audio
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Optimist version 1.04 setup